Bus in Moscow


According to UITP’s knowledge base, the bus is the most used mode of public transport around the world. With millions of journeys being taken daily, we know there really is no sustainable mobility within our cities without boarding the bus.

Length of public transport routes

8,629 km

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Covid-19 ridership fall

53.5 %

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Average daily ridership during a work day


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Number of public transport stops


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Public transport ridership

786,100,000 Journeys

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Schedule compliance/punctuality

77.9 %

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Average headway during peak times

13 min

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Covid-19 change in service - VKM

100 %

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Fleet of public transport vehicles


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Vehicle-kilometres in operations


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Length of dedicated PT operational infrastructure

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380.5 km Per M inhabitants

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Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

97 %

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