Tram-/LRT in Vienna


The public transport sector is living through a special time for light rail and tram systems (LRT), as new developments in infrastructure bring ridership levels to new heights. LRT, at the global level, has experienced a ‘remarkable renaissance’ in recent years, as the international landscape shows growth and expansion on the agenda.

Length of public transport routes

227 km

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Average daily ridership during a work day


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Number of public transport stops


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Public transport ridership

186,100,000 Journeys

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Schedule compliance/punctuality

96.5 %

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Average headway during peak times

6.03 min

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Covid-19 change in service - VKM

100 %

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Fleet of public transport vehicles


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Vehicle-kilometres in operations


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Length of dedicated PT operational infrastructure

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91 km Per M inhabitants

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Accessibility for people with reduced mobility

72 %

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